Eamae Mirkin

The Conan Loveseat

October 2011

Furniture Design / Robotics / Live Event

TBS / Team Coco / Deeplocal

After relocating his show to the West Coast, Conan O'Brein returned to New York City to film a special set of episodes. To celebrate the event, we created an embodyment of Conan's love for the city in the form of a bright orange robot loveseat that literally hugged, massaged, and complimented New Yorkers.

The Conan Loveseat was installed at a popup art gallery in Columbus Circle for two weeks. Visitors were invited to sit on The Loveseat and were given physical and digital photographic keepsakes to keep Conan's love with them always.

My responsibilities for the project included design and production oversight of The Loveseat itself. I worked with mechanical specialists and ulholterers (two professions that rarely overlap) to make sure the couch captured the essence of the campaign while being functional, durable, and safe.

The making of video shows the mechanical movements, upholstery, and interaction.