Eamae Mirkin

PNC ATM Finder

February 2010

Mobile Interaction

PNC Bank / Deeplocal

PNC Bank has established it's brand as a technology leader among financial institutions. In keeping with this spirit, PNC wanted to create a mobile experience like nothing else in their industry. We worked with them to produce an augmented reality app for finding ATMs, simply by holding up your phone.

My responsibility for the project was to develop an initial feature set and wireframe designs. One of the interaction challenges I noticed in other location-based augmented reality experiences was dealing with the proverbial "nearest exit may be behind you" effect. To accomodate this I added a radar-like compass element at the bottom of the frame. The compass roates with the viewer and animates flat when the user looks down.

The ATM Finder App was later ported to Android and featured in a PNC TV spot durring summer 2012.