Eamae Mirkin

Toyota Solar Powered Ventilation Tent

June 2011

Prototype / Illustration

Toyota / Saatchi & Saatchi LA / Deeplocal

To showcase the solar ventilation system technology in the new Prius, Toyota sponsored a concept prototype of a distaster releif tent. The tent harvested solar energy to ventilate the tent, counteracting greenhouse-effect heating without requiring additional power.

For the project, I worked with engineers at Deeplocal to produce the prototype system, using actual parts taken from a Prius. This included modifying the ventilation fan to include a weather sheild that allowed documentation crews to view the working mechanism. We also painted the impeller blue, for contrast.

My responsibilities for the project also included developing simple illustrations, so that the documentation crew and expert interviewees could understand the system. I also created a more stylized illustration for the inside of the control box, to be featured in the video.

The documentation video demonstated the system and proposed potention uses for the technology.